Search Engine: This glossary is the fruit of labor, compilation, experience and research carried out solely by Gina Cohen and done at her own expense. It has been donated by her on this website for everyone to use freely for their own translation and comprehension needs. However, the author wishes to stress that neither she nor the websites that have put a link to this glossary take any responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness, accuracy, quality or usefulness of any of the information provided either in English or in Hebrew. Indeed, she is the first to admit, that although she has included in this glossary about 10,000 terms and concepts and has worked on it for thousands of hours, it is a work in process which needs constant updating, amendments, improvements, additions, adjustments and corrections in order to upgrade it and improve it constantly. This is the reason that she has chosen the internet as the medium to share this piece of work with all. Her objective was indeed to provide an initial tool to be adopted by the Israeli market-place, with the hope that all those interested in the field of energy will take on the challenge from here onwards to establish a definite database. Anyone who has a comment or addition to make should please send it to Gina and she will immediately correct/add/adjust.

Created by Gina Cohen

Energy dictionary consists of a Hebrew-English glossary of terms used in the energy industry with explanations and definitions.